The Critical 5: Five Reasons to List Your Commercial Property with Serafin Real Estate

The five main reasons to list commercial properties with Serafin Real Estate all merge into the route which leads to successful results for each seller.

It is that simple.

Joe Serafin, along with his senior team, has constructed a comprehensive and unique system to ensure clients achieve their primary goals.

“I had my property listed for years with no results. I then listed with Serafin Real Estate and saw almost immediate traffic. Joe really invested time and thought into my property and put together a very effective marketing package. 

Joe was able to sell my property when no one else could.”

C. Cook

That client statement highlights the fact that Serafin Real Estate (SRE) focuses exclusively on Northern Virginia and knows exactly what to do to get CRE sold based on The Critical Five. And that is then reflected in:

Critical Reason #1: Unbiased Advice

Owners of commercial real estate, whether they are passive investors or owner-operators, rely on specialist advice, so they make the right decisions at the right time. The secret of success in any endeavor involves making high-quality decisions.

Those decisions must be based on comprehensive, timely, and accurate information. With that information, the owner will understand the suggestions, opinions, and advice they receive from their CRE broker.

If timing and market conditions are right, the data the client receives will show it. If timing or market conditions are wrong for their specific situation, plans, or listing goals, then the data will show that too. The net result is that the advice SRE gives to each client will be specific to them and their goals, whether it is to take advantage of the current market conditions or to wait.

Being upfront and honest is SRE’s hallmark.

To help clients and potential clients to keep on top of market conditions and future trends, SRE publishes regular, in-depth reports. Two examples include:

Armed with this sort of data, CRE owners can keep up to date on future trends and past results in their market niche. This helps them to understand, with greater clarity, the suggestions, opinions, and advice they receive from SRE specialists when they begin to plan their disposition.

Critical Reason #2: Proven Results

CRE sellers want to maximize the return on their property. Basically, they want to get the highest price the market will allow, incorporating the most preferential contract terms, and to achieve those two goals in their preferred timescale.

Maximizing each client’s return is Serafin’s top priority.

Joe Serafin has been a CRE broker for 19 years and has personally closed more than half a billion dollars in sales. SRE is Loudoun County’s top CRE brokerage.

Achieving the #1 position out of 167 commercial brokerages in Loudoun County speaks volumes about the phrase “proven results.”

To check out some of SRE’s results, take a look at these closings.

From private Montessori schools to industrial parks, and from early learning centers to general commercial buildings, SRE has the track record listing clients expect.

Critical Reason #3: Local Market Expertise

“His selling price analysis was a precise exercise in which his knowledge of the Northern Virginia area provided insight into our market. This resulted in a final sale well above our original expectations.”

Yde Hills

That client’s comment sums up how important it is for CRE sellers to choose the right CRE team. Top performing teams automatically cooperate with each other to ensure everyone focuses on the client’s goals within the current market.

Joe Serafin is a 19-year Northern Virginia CRE specialist. He has worked closely with individual investors, private equity firms, and developers, advising them on how to deliver on their strategic plans. He applies his expertise in investment analysis and financial structuring to his client’s specific niche. This is underpinned by his extensive knowledge of the Northern Virginia market.

SRE’s, Sean Kline, is also a Virginia native. He brings 20 years of real estate investment experience to his role. His deep knowledge of the three counties’ acquisition market makes him a truly accomplished negotiator.

Grant Wetmore brings his 10 years of commercial real estate lending experience to all financial analysis and property management issues. Grant was V-P of BCT Community Bank in Leesburg and is currently President of Purcellville Business Association in Loudoun County. His experience speaks for itself in that it results in client decisions that deliver the highest profits.

In a nutshell, the Serafin RE senior team is totally dedicated to using their in-depth Northern Virginia skills and experience to serve each client.

Critical Reason #4: Marketing Technology

SRE’s mission to meet each client’s needs and achieve each client’s goals, demands making the best use of the latest technology. As Joe says, We are always researching and improving technology strategies to reach the most qualified buyers.”

Northern Virginia is a major center for national and international businesses. Fairfax County prides itself on being a global tech hub. In this environment, CRE brokerage firms must impress the best to win listings. Then, those listings must sell for the best price and on the best terms.

That is what SRE does. It applies the latest technology to researching and assessing the market – both current status and expected future changes. In this way, SRE can provide the most appropriate advice to clients. When the client is ready to list their property, Reason #5 comes into its own.

Critical Reason #5: Maximum and Effective Marketing Exposure

Operational businesses and passive investors look for the right piece of CRE to invest in. Northern Virginia is home to local operators who run, say, early learning and childcare centers, as well as being home to international corporate giants and government entities who want a new or expanded base in the Metro DC area.

They have a lot of properties to choose from. Ready, willing, and able buyers must learn enough about the properties which would meet their needs, and in an appropriate time frame, for them to make their decisions.

The marketing system which exposes the right property type to the right potential buyer is critical. SRE markets its listed properties to its database of target-specific business profiles.

In today’s market, either not knowing which buyer type to market a property to or inundating every potential buyer with any and every listing on the books is doomed to failure.

Effective marketing exposure demands applying local knowledge and experience to local, national, and international buyer profiles. This approach is even more effective when the potential buyers are part of the network who already trust Serafin RE and receive the regularly published market reports. Those potential buyers already consult with Serafin to share their future plans, so Serafin will already have some suitable, potential buyers within their network when a seller is ready to list. That is what we mean by maximum, effective marketing.

In Conclusion

Serafin RE’s business philosophy of consult, target, and deliver stands on the Five Critical Reasons to list commercial real estate with them.

To end, we would like to quote our client, Praxis Capital:

“This brokerage is refreshingly unique, in that they approach transactions as invested partners, rather than a disinterested intermediary . . . Joe Serafin has such a strong network of buyers, which is readily apparent. He has invested decades in developing relationships and connections with buyers and investment professionals who know and trust him.”

If you do not currently receive our market reports, please put in a request here, so we can begin keeping you informed.

If you would like to begin a discussion or to ask questions about listing your property, then please use this link.

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